Signs That You May Have A Mold Problem

Published April 15, 2016 in category: Uncategorized

Mold can be a silent hazard in your home. It can destroy your drywall, make people sick and leave long-lasting damage. However, mold can be hidden from view and become a major nuisance in your life. Mold needs certain conditions like darkness, a food source (wood or your drywall), warm conditions and – of course – moisture. Conditions like that are many times in hidden areas like behind walls, under floors, under carpet, appliances and even furniture.

Check For Signs of Moisture

Moisture can be in any room of your home with or without you knowing it. Water leaks are a common source of moisture at home. Your pipes could be leaking or water may have entered the house after a big storm, but you may not see it and find out only after mold has developed. If you think you may have leaks or water is coming in from the outside, and you see any brown-yellowish stains on your walls or ceiling, you probably have a moisture problem that may very well turn into a mold problem.

Physical Problems

Your health can suffer due to a mold infestation. Many people are sensitive to mold, but it’s sometimes hard to know the signs and symptoms of exposure to mold. For them, just inhaling or touching mold can bring on a serious reaction. Symptoms of mold allergies can include sneezing, runny nose, skin rash and red, itchy eyes, sinus infections and sore throat. Those who are extremely sensitive to mold can have more serious symptoms like shortness of breath and, for people with asthma, mold can cause attacks. Some molds even have toxic compounds called mycotoxins which can cause several health problems.

You May Smell Mold

Mold develops over time and so does its odor, so it may not be noticeable right away. Mold does, however, have a distinctive odor. Mold can have a pungent smell. If you think you may smell something like that, search for signs of moisture. Once mold odors are a problem, the only way you can really get rid of the smell is to have professional mold removal.

What Does Mold Actually Look Like

Many people are surprised when they discover what’s been in plain sight is actually mold. Some people think it’s soot or dirt and some just don’t believe mold could be growing in their home. But if you see spots that are gray-brown, black, green or white-ish, it’s very likely they’re caused by mold. In other words, if you see areas that look like mold, then it probably is mold.

Check For Water Entering Your Home

Water can enter your home through rain and flooding. If you’ve recently weathered a thunderstorm or have had flooding, check for water seeping into the basement or through the roof. Inspecting your house after a significant water event, can help prevent mold from forming before it becomes a problem.

Have you noticed signs of mold in your home?

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