Mold Remediation / Mold Removal

Mold can quickly become a problem in a home or business where water has entered through a leak or flooding. Mold can spread through properties in as little as 48-72 hours. Mold is very hazardous to your health and to the structure of your property. It should be removed by trained professionals as soon as possible. If you suspect a mold problem, reach out to Signature Remodeling. We offer mold remediation and mold removal in Los Angeles. We have the training, equipment and expertise to properly handle the situation.

Getting Rid of Mold

Before the mold remediation process can begin, all sources of water and moisture must be properly removed. Otherwise, the mold may return. It is important to remember that every mold damage scenario is different and each requires a unique solution. The typical mold remediation process starts with calling the experts. The necessary equipment, resources and personnel will come to the property to begin. The professionals will inspect the area for mold. Often times, mold cannot be seen by the untrained eye, that is why mold removal experts use technology to detect mold and hidden water sources you might not be able to see.

Next, many containment procedures will be done to prevent the spread of the existing mold. There is a special filtration machine that captures microscopic mold spores out of the air during mold remediation. The length of time of the process depends on the amount of mold that is found and what types of surfaces it is on. Sometimes the surfaces affected can be saved, but other times, they need to be completely replaced. There are professional mold cleaning techniques that thoroughly remove the mold from various items in your home, such as furniture or curtains.

Restoration may involve small or big repairs.

Complete restoration depends on the amount of damage and the length of time the mold has been in the property. Call Signature Remodeling today for more information about our mold removal process.


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Rene, Torrance


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“I was very pleased with the response from Signature Remodeling Inc when I had a mold problem in my home. We had a huge, El Niño storm go through the area. A couple of weeks later, I saw that water had gotten into the walls and, unfortunately, mold had set in as well. I waited too long. A friend of mine told me about Signature Remodeling Inc in Van Nuys and I gave them a call. They pretty much knew what to do right away, so I hired them. They quickly removed the mold in my home. They were on time, professional and affordable.”

Tim, Pasadena


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