Energy Efficiency

Start saving money and the environment with energy efficiency in Los Angeles. Go green today and begin reaping the rewards of energy management and efficiency. Signature Remodeling assists with various types of energy efficiency services and installation. It is our mission to implement new energy efficient programs to individuals, as well as apart existing ones to meet current standards. We want you to wisely invest in solutions that meet your energy saving goals.

An Affordable to Way to Save Energy

Get rewarded for installing and using energy efficient equipment with the Los Angeles energy efficiency programs. The state offers several tax credits and incentives for installing many energy efficient systems throughout your home or business. Signature Remodeling can install energy efficient technology, lighting and security. Reach out to a representative at Signature Remodeling for more information today!

Start Reducing Your Energy Costs NOW

Here are some simply, low-cost tips to help you start reducing your highest energy costs:

  1. When running an HVAC system, keep your doors and windows closed to reduce air loss.
  2. Blocked vents require up to 25% more energy, so make sure objects and furniture is not sitting on top of them.
  3. Adjust your thermostat to make sure readings are accurate. Lower the setting any time the property is unoccupied to save money.
  4. Repair any leaks in steam traps or compressed air systems.
  5. Implement controls on your HVAC system so you can manage how much energy is used to heat your home.
  6. Perform regular HVAC maintenance. Change the filters monthly to improve air quality and reduce energy use.

Start saving energy in your home or business today! Get in touch with the Signature Remodeling professionals. We can see if you qualify for energy-saving rebates or payment plans on energy-efficient solutions in your home or business.


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Rene, Torrance


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Tim, Pasadena


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